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Citation and Bibliography is now supported by Sense.

New Markdown plugin available along with upgraded RTF and HTML Plugins as Authoring Workflow support.

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100% Clean

Sense To Webpage

The Website Maintenance Solution for Small Businesses and Personal Users!

Designed for web page editing and website maintenance.

Cut costs and turnaround delays by reducing reliance on web-designer services and expensive authoring tools .

Sense To Webpage is a FREEWARE application that works with both Sense Personal and Sense Professional Document Editors to allow non-technical do-it-yourself web page update in plain-text.

The low complexity user interfaces allows long neglected web pages to be rapidly updated by the personal user, the business manager and office junior alike.

What's more, Sense To Webpage supports email address encryption: so if you are having trouble with junk email and want to know how reduce it, then Sense To Webpage may just be the solution to counter those e-mail address harvesting bots!


  • Works with and without local machine web server support
  • FTP client Site Manager for general website maintenance.
  • Web page editing in plain-text.
  • Web pages built to XHTML 1.0 compliance.
  • Reworks loosely written source HTML to achieve XHTML validation.
  • Flexible configuration for 'test' and 'live' website publishing.
  • Server-side PHP and JavaScript handled transparently.
  • Existing page functionality such as Onclick handling remains unchanged.
  • Templates created from existing pages and may be re-used for new pages.
  • Rot13 Encryption to hide Email Addresses from web spiders.
  • Physical - Http Path mappings obtained from Apache and IIS configurations and custom option for unsupported web servers.
  • Both Static (htm, html) and Dynamic (shtml, php) pages supported.
  • Comprehensive ISO-8859-1 special character support.
  • Supports modification of "meta" information used for search engine optimisation.

Sense To Webpage is FREE!

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