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Citation and Bibliography is now supported by Sense.

New Markdown plugin available along with upgraded RTF and HTML Plugins as Authoring Workflow support.

The screenshot shows a document opened within Sense. The left hand pane shows the document tree-hierarchy of Sense line constructs that directly relate to markdown line types: Sections, Paragraphs, Numbered Paragraphs and Bullets which are equivalent to Markdown Headers, paragraphs, ordered and unordered lists respectively. The right hand pane shows full line content with emphasis, a link and an image.

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The screenshot shows the markdown text in Notepad following conversion from Sense. Any Sense documentation may be saved as markdown subject to conversion equivalence between the two file types. Markdown files may be directly opened, edited and saved with conversions occuring transparently in the background.

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Sense Markdown Plugin

Create and Read Markdown Syntax in Rich Text using the Sense Outliner - Editor by installing the Free Markdown Plugin with your Sense installation.

Markdown is a plain text markup language with straightforward readable syntax that may be converted into more complex file types. Typically, markdown may be used to create XML and HTML.

With the Plugin, Markdown files may be:

  • Edited without any knowledge of the Markdown Syntax.
  • Converted into Sense document format.
  • Created by both Sense File Save-As and Export.

Markdown Syntax support includes:

  • ATX and Setext Header Styles
  • Emphasis
  • Ordered and Unordered Lists
  • Inline and Reference Style Links and Images
  • Literal (Markdown Syntax Character) Entry

More Details on the syntax is here .

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