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News on latest developments. Use the OPML Plugin as a Reader RSS feed for Silva Elm

Citation and Bibliography is now supported by Sense.

New Markdown plugin available along with upgraded RTF and HTML Plugins as Authoring Workflow support.

New OPML Outline Editor form with type set to rss.

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Reader view of OPML document in Html on right and Outline browser on left

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Sense OPML Editor Plugin

Open directly from the Internet or Create from New, OPML Documents may be Edited and Published directly back to your website.

The OPML Plugin fully integrates into Sense providing a straightforward Edit Environment.

With Sense's enhanced Open Document dialog, OPML may be browsed on the internet and directly opened into Sense.

Sense's integrated FTP Client enables direct OPML publication as well as more general website maintenance.

Sense OPML offers a low overhead solution for small scale enterprises to centralize, manage and quickly update useful links including RSS (news) feeds, webpages, blogs as so on within a well categorized listing.


  • All authoring in plain-text
  • Control Panel to define header information.
  • User friendly forms to edit outlines and associated attributes.
  • Tree View Browser for navigation and moving outlines between and within sub-levels.
  • Viewer Pane providing dual purpose functionality as a web browser and OPML Document / RSS Feed Reader.
  • Reader view options to display OPML in HTML and XML.
  • Direct publishing to website.
  • Site Management for general website maintenance.
  • Multilingual editing supported with simple language and output file encoding selectors.
  • Dates formatted according to RFC822.
  • Sense Document File Format and OPML (XML) File Types supported for both File Open and File Save.
  • Documents may also be saved in Plain-Text File Format with optional tab-space indenting.
  • Comprehensive help pages.

The OPML Editor Plugin is FREE!

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Use the OPML Plugin to read the OPML and RSS feeds for more information.