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QDA Table View within lower Edit Environment showing a Tag Analysis for selected categories: Document Links may be Activated or Previewed.

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Filtered QDA Tagged Text within lower Edit Environment shown in full in-line context

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Sense QDA Overview

Sense's Annotation functionality enables lines and text snippets to be marked and coded for subsequent visualization using the QDA Plugin:

  • Regular Expression Words and Phrases Search of documentation to retrieve text snippets.
  • Coding is by tagging (linking) retrieved text snippets to Categories maintained within an editable Metadata Table.
  • Whole lines may be coded.
  • Coding involves no Markup Language or Special Symbols.
  • Text snippets are in-line highlighted for visual indentification.
  • Forward and Backward Navigation of Categorized documentation.
  • Metadata may be transfered between documents by Text File.

Sense imposes no pre-determined methodology on the use of metadata categories allowing Sense's ViewPoints to be freely used to manually group coded documentation into a Category based tree-hierarchy for more focused QDA review.

ViewPoint's cloning allows material duplication at different levels of its category tree for lines and document branches with overlapping codes.

QDA Plugin Features

QDA Plugin functionality may be enabled for any normal (Default Editor Style) Sense document accepting material from both the main document and ViewPoints.

It provides category based filtering of marked documentation presenting results within three tabbed views that fully integrate into the lower of Sense's twin, side-by-side, Edit Environments:

  • A "Tag Extracts" Documentation View.
  • A "Tag Properties" View tabulating:
    • Category
    • Annotation Note (Comment)
    • Tagged Documentation
    • Referenced (Source) Document.
  • A "Tag Analysis" View tabulating:
    • Tagged Documentation
    • Categorizations and Occurrence
    • Document Hyperlinks to:
      • Preview multiple tags in line context simultaneously within Modeless dialogs.
      • Navigate to source documentation.
  • All Views may be logically AND / OR / EXCLUSION / INCLUSION Filtered according to Category selection.
  • The Tagged Documentation may be displayed either in full line context or as a (Tagged Text) snips only.
  • All views may be Printed and Exported on a WYSIWYG basis to both Sense and other file formats.
  • Comprehensive help pages.

The QDA Editor Plugin is one of a number of Free Plugins !

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