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Citation and Bibliography is now supported by Sense.

New Markdown plugin available along with upgraded RTF and HTML Plugins as Authoring Workflow support.

Shows the Sense Startup Tutorial open in Microsoft Word following a Save as RTF. The plugin also enables RTF documents to be opened, edited and saved within the context of its RTF extension.

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Sense Document styling is hierarchical from Editor level, through document to individual lines. By default, lines of the same object type (eg Section, Paragraph) assume the document level style. On saving a document to RTF, the various styles are translated to RTF Named Paragraph and List styles that may be selectable in third party editors. The screenshot shows the Sense Startup Tutorial opened in Microsoft Word with document links and styles. On RTF open within Sense, a "best fit" approach is used to convert RTF to Sense styles.

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Sense RTF Plugin

The Rich Text Format (RTF) is a widely used file format supported by many editors including Microsoft's Word and Open Office.

The Sense RTF Plugin enables transfer of RTF documents between the Sense Editor and other editors using RTF as the common file format.

Sense may be used to rapidly outline documents with easily established section, paragraph, numbered paragraph and bullet styling before conversion to RTF.

Conversion from RTF into Sense allows existing documentation to be edited and styled straightforwardly within Sense's adaptable Edit Environment.


  • RTF file conversion to Sense Document format on File Open.
  • Conversion to RTF file format from Sense Document Format on File Save and Save-As.
  • "Best fit" style transfer from RTF to Sense Document styles.
  • Sense Style transfer to RTF named styles.
  • Windows Codepage and Unicode file encodings supported.

The RTF Plugin is FREE!

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