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Citation and Bibliography is now supported by Sense.

New Markdown plugin available along with upgraded RTF and HTML Plugins as Authoring Workflow support.

The screenshot shows a text file defining a document heading outline based on tab indents. When the text file is opened within Sense, selection of the Outline Conversion Method causes a hierarchy of Sections and sub-Sections to be produced according to tab indent levels. On Text Save, the reverse conversion may be optionally selected.

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Sense documents may be optionally saved as Flat Text rather than Outline. In this case, text is simply transfered from the Sense Document to the simpler file format without level based indent. The screenshot shows the result of saving the Sense Startup tutorial as Flat Text and then re-opening within Sense using the same conversion method. The conversion from Sense Document Format to Text loses document formatting as well as other rich text constructs.

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Sense TXT Plugin

Plain Text files are simple sequential files of human readable content such as may be produced using Microsoft's Notepad.

The Sense TXT Plugin enables transfer of plain-text documents between the Sense Editor and other editors.

Lines within the plain-text file may be optionally indented with either tabs or spaces for outlining purposes.


  • Plain-Text file conversion to Sense Document format on File Open.
  • Conversion to Plain-Text from Sense Document Format on File Save and Save-As.
  • Flat and Outline (Tab/Space indent) Conversion options are provided for both File Open and Save.
  • Outline Conversion cross-relates Text File Indentation to a Section based tree hierarchy within the Sense Document.
  • Flat Conversion provides the simpler conversion between Text File lines and Sense Document Paragraphs.
  • Windows Codepage (ANSI) and Unicode file encodings supported.

The TXT Plugin is FREE!

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