Software Discounts | Voucher Codes for the Sense Document Editor

The Sense Document Editor supports a Writing Workflow with its fully integrated Reference Management, Document Outlining, Rich Text Editing, In-text Citation and automated Reference List (Bibliography) generation.

New License Discount Voucher

Sense is available free for 30 days evaluation and then use the SEASONSGREETINGS Voucher Code to obtain a 50% discount on new License Purchase . The SEASONSGREETINGS Voucher Code validity expires 20th December 2015 but watch out for new offers.

License Renewal Discount Voucher

Full Sense functionality is maintained even after the current License has expired. However, ability to upgrade to a new Sense version and ability to load Sense Plugins may be prevented after license expiry.

Renewal is also a great way to purchase additional Product Keys for more machines with the possibility of reducing costs even further via Volume Discounts.

The following RENEW2015 Voucher Code may be used to obtain a 65% discount on License Renewal. The RENEW2015 Voucher Code validity expires 31st December 2015 but watch out for new offers.