The Sense application was initially named Notability denoting the text editor's underlying object oriented format supporting flexible structure based navigation and editing.

During an early demonstration of Noteability, the structural composition of the documentation was duly noted and the Sense name was born - an acronym derived from the Silva Elm Notability Structured Editor. I thank Dave Anders who was a project manager at High Integrity Solutions (HIS) in Romsey, England for that inspiration. I also thank him for the initial encouragement to continue with the development.

There was also a need for a flexible arrangement that would accommodate programmatic editing -- a HIS inspired requirement.

For some years, Sense was available as two editions, Personal and Professional. However, as the product has evolved with continued addition of new features and refinements, the relevance of Sense Personal has steadily diminished and was finally dropped in 2015.

Many of these new features and refinements incorporated over the last few years are the result of user suggestions, and my thanks go to them.

I've also got to thank Alec Bray, a Principal Consultant in the area of Process Engineering for his early enthusiasm of the product.

Finally, I must thank my wife for her support while I've toiled away on this project over the years and also for various sparks of inspiration from the rest of the family. I must particularly thank my son Antony for his unstinting support and valuable suggestions but particularly for putting so much inspired effort into designing the icons and logos.

Dave Ewins