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News on latest developments. Use the OPML Plugin as a Reader RSS feed for Silva Elm

Citation and Bibliography is now supported by Sense.

New Markdown plugin available along with upgraded RTF and HTML Plugins as Authoring Workflow support.

View of itunes-podCast "feed" document within Sense Editor created from template.

podCast "feed" Document

Sense To RSS tool with view of feed output rendered as a webpage.

Sense To RSS Feed Tool

How to Create and Extend RSS Feeds in Plain Text

Issue 5 (Jul 2012)

To create, customize and namespace extend RSS XML Feeds, then you might like to try:

Sense provides a freestyle plain text Edit Environment devoid of any markup (HTML and XML) concerns.

The Rss | Generate menu option transforms the feed document to RSS XML.

Full capability for Publishing and Validating your feed online is provided via the Sense's built-in website maintenance support.

Try for yourself by downloading and installing:

Create your first RSS Feed:

Templates are provided with Sense To RSS for :

  • RSS Version 0.91.
  • RSS Version 2.0.
  • blogChannel.
  • Apple itunes-podCast.

Extend your RSS Feed :